Topher's Bullet beard oil (inc shipping Can & US)


Our deep conditioning oil base hand blended with the scent of unfired gunpowder and spicy black pepper that will have your beard soft and smelling awesome. From the moment you open the bottle you'll feel like you are standing on the gun range.  This isn't the sulfuric scent that most think of with gunpowder but the clean unfired scent of powder, brass and gun oil.  While the carrier oils will nourish and hydrate your face hairs, the oil blend not only smells great but also will help with acne, dandruff and under beard itch. In short, it will help keep your skin healthy under your beard.

What's inside Topher's Beard Oil:

-Grapeseed Oil to reduce dry skin and lock in moisture
-Sweet Almond Oil to reduce dry skin and dandruff and stimulate healthy growth and ease beard itch.
-Jojoba Oil increases moisture all along the hair shaft
-Hemp Seed Oil to seal moisture into the hair follicles.
-Rice Bran Oil for UV protection, shine and thickens hair.
-Vitamin E for its antioxidant properties and shine.

Essential Oils and/or Phthalate Free Fragrance.