Topher's Old Fashionsed Rustic Premium soaps - 3 pack (incl shipping Can & US)


Whiskey and Woodsmoke : This Soap bar is infused with a blend of Tobacco, Cognac and Smoke
and colored using bamboo charcoal to keep it all natural and detoxifying.

Drunken Pirate : This Men's bar is infused with a blend of Kaolin and Bentonite Clays. This coupled with the natural glycerin that you get from cold process soap makes for an excellent shaving bar. The Bay Rum scent is reminiscent of barber shops of old and is truly masculine. The swirl of the bar is further infused with Activated Charcoal to help detoxify and remove excess oils from your skin without being drying. 

Kashmir Exfoliation : This Unisex Soap bar is infused with a blend of Kalonji, Bergamot, Cinnamon and Lime  essential oils. The scent is both romantic and mysterious at the same time.  It's hard to describe and even harder to forget.  With added Collodial Oatmeal for gentle exfoliation.

Sandlewood : This Unisex Soap bar is infused with Sandalwood which leads to a very romantic and interesting scent.  Good for both men and women, everyone seems to love it.  The Kaolin clay makes this a great shaving bar as well.

Morning Wood : This Soap bar is infused with a blend of Cedar, Fir Needle and Cypress essential oils and colored using green oxides to keep it all natural. 

Spiced : This Unisex bar smells of Brown sugar, spicy pepper and select spices.  One of our top sellers and loved by everyone who smells it in person.  The added Kaolin clay makes this a great shaving bar as well.

Peppermint Mocha : This invigorating soap bar contains Dark Chocolate and Cocoa infused with Peppermint and Coffee essential oils.  Not only will they get you clean, they also smell good enough to eat.  

Vanilla Bean : You will think you are standing in a field of Vanilla while you shower with this  soap.  The vanilla scent is creamy and decadent but not overly sweet.  

Dead Sea Mud Detox : This bar soap has been formulated using Dead Sea Mud imported from the Middle East.  Layer upon layer of fine silt deposits have evolved over thousands of years to form a rich Dead Sea mud containing particularly high levels of magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. The resulting mineral-rich Dead Sea mud is a natural raw material that can be used by the body as a source of essential minerals for all its basic needs.  We have also included in several different clays that help to pull toxins out through your skin while you wash to be rinsed away while you bathe.   Proven to help with facial acne without drying out your skin like traditional acne treatments.  Treat yourself to your own personal spa day at home with this soap. 

Blue Raspberry Martini : This Soap bar smells like Blue Freezies.  You may have had it at the bar as a Electric Blue shooter or Blue Raspberry martini. The added Kaolin clay makes this a great shaving bar as well.

Cherry Amaretto : This amazing smelling bars smells of Amaretto blended with fresh cherries.  Colored with Australian Reef clays and the added Kaolin clay makes this a great shaving bar as well.

Mint Fusion : The perfect blend of Spearmint, Peppermint and Wintergreen make for a truly invigorating bar, without being too tingly.  Will definitely help you wake up during your morning wash or shower.

Opposites Attract : While Patchouli is not a crowd favorite on it's own, when blended with Blood Orange it changes into something that everyone wants.  The sweet orange mixed with the dark and earthy patchouli are two opposites that really do belong together.

Groovy Patchouli : You don't have to be a hippy to enjoy this bar but it helps.  Dark and earthy Patchouli perfectly paired with clean and fresh Spearmint for a wonderful smelling bar.  You will spend longer in the shower than normal on the scent alone.  

Pine Tar Soap : Good as a body soap and great as a shampoo.  Pine tar soap has many great qualities.  People with dry, sensitive skin or psoriasis and eczema will love the relief they get from this soap.  Also works great for dandruff.  Pine tar has long been used as a natural remedy for wounds and is also known to be very anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which is why it helps with so many skin ailments. This bar is not vegan.

Virgin : Virgin is just that, it has got nothing in it.  It is pure soap.   Great for those that may be scent sensitive.  The only addition to this bar is colloidal oatmeal for some gentle exfoliation and extra moisturizing that it offers.

We make our soaps the old fashioned way in small batches to control quality. The perfect mix of plant based oils and butters ensure rich lather that will leave you smelling as fresh as the deep forest after a spring rain while it cleans and moisturizes. These palm oil and cruelty free vegan soap bars contain no palm oil, lard or tallow and are never tested on animals, only on me.

Our Cold Process, small batch soap is made using a combination of Saponified Olive, Coconut, Shea, Sunflower, Castor, and Essential oils and Sodium Hydroxide. No chemical detergents or artificial ingredients.

It is further cured for 4-6 weeks to fully harden giving you a long lasting, great smelling bar of man soap.

Test on skin before use, may contain allergens.

Due to the handmade nature of this soap color variation may differ slightly from photos.


  • Topher's Men's assorted 3 pack rustic soap
  • Topher's Ladies assorted 3 pack rustic soap
  • Topher's Whiskey and Woodsmoke 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Kashmir Exfoliation 3 pack Soap
  • Topher's Druken Pirate 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Sandlewood 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Morning wood 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Spiced Scent 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Pepperming & Mocha 3 pack soap Sold Out
  • Topher's Vanilla Bean 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Dead Sea Mud Detox 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Blue Raspberry Martini 3 pack
  • Topher's Cherry Amaretto 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Mint Fusion 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Opposites Attract 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Groovy Patchoui 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Pine Tar 3 pack soap
  • Topher's Pure 3 pack soap
  • Hypnotik 3 pack soap
  • Dirty Hippie 3 pack soap (nag Chamapk and Patcholi)
  • Canadian Rockies 3 pack soap
  • Canadian Maple 3 pack Soap
  • Tangerine 3 pack soap
  • Green Tea Lemon Grass 3 pack soap