Lightning tees and tank tops (approx $19.00 US)


The new Summer 2018 geat is here. Already have a closet full of black tees? We have added 5 summer colours (Royal Blue, Hi Vis , Olive Drab , Grey and Black) and Tank tops in 3 colours. Order yours today! Buy 2 or more tees and Save 15% when you use Summer18


  • Black tee sm
  • Black tee Md
  • Black tee Lg
  • Black tee Xl Sold Out
  • Black tee XXl
  • Black tee XXXl
  • Black tee XXXXl
  • Black tee XXXXXL
  • Royal Blue Tee md Sold Out
  • Royal Blue Tee Lg
  • Royal Blue Tee XL
  • Royal Blue Tee XXL
  • Royal Blue Tee Xxxl
  • Hi Vis Yellow tee md
  • Hi Vis yellow tee lg
  • Hi Vis Yellow tee Xl
  • Hi vis Yellow XXL
  • Olive Drab tee md
  • Olive drab tee Lg
  • Olive drab tee Xl
  • Olive Drab tee XXl
  • Black tank md
  • Black tank Lg
  • Black Tank Xl
  • Black tank XX
  • Royal blue Tank md
  • Royal Blue tank Lg
  • Royal Blue tank XL
  • Royal Blue tank XXL
  • Hi Vis green Tank md Sold Out
  • Hi Vis Green tank Lg
  • Hi Vis Green tank xl
  • Hi Vis Green tank xx
  • Grey Tank top md
  • Grey Tank top Lg
  • Grey Tank top xl
  • Grey Tank top xxl