Topher's Dead Sea Salt & Shea Butter Scrub - 6oz (inc shipping Can & US)


Dead Sea Salt and Shea Butter Scrub. This isn't your average salt scrub, not only did we start with a base of 100% Dead Sea Mineral Salts but we blended it with skin healthy raw and unrefined Shea Butter and Avocado Oil. A little bit goes a long way and you'll feel the difference after the first use. This exfoliating scrub eliminates dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities, and sebum accumulation and will leave your skin really refreshed, soft and supple.  Use as a hand scrub or a body scrub.  Use caution around sensitive areas and eyes.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Mineral Salts, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Essential Oils and/or Fragrance.