Topher's Boar Hair Brush


Here at Topher's we know that beard care doesn't just stop at oils and balms and that you cannot properly distribute our products using your fingers and hands.  Brushes and combs are a necessity to help get every shaft of hair a little of that oil treatment and to help get oil down to skin level where it can moisturize your skin as well .  

Simply run the brush through your beard, and the medium bristles will stimulate the production of natural oils. Use after applying our Beard Oil, and the bristles will work the oil through your beard, ensuring maximum, even coverage. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin and prevents a dry beard, lifting away dust and dirt.

To clean your brush, wash in soapy water and rinse. Shake off excess water, and allow the brush to dry over night. 

•Larger brush fits well in the palm of your hand
•Uses only natural boar bristles, with no nylon or synthetic filler
•Natural fibers help to distribute the oils in your beard while lifting away dirt leaving a smooth, healthy, shiny, and vital beard.
•Wooden body with a glossy, sturdy and attractive polyurethane finish
•Medium-firm bristles are perfect for a wide range of beard lengths
•Premium construction prevents the loss of bristles over time, even with heavy use
•A natural wooden body helps to reduce static.

100% Boars Hair Military Style Beard Brush