Bisson Dual Tooth Unisex Comb No.2 (inc shipping Can & US)


We did it!!!  Fine teeth on this amazing dual tooth comb, allowing you to manage your hair as you see fit. Start with a wider spacing to work out all the kinks and finish off with a set of fine lines if you want. Nothing like having the right tool for the job!  Check out Dual Tooth No.2 if you don’t want super perfectly tight combed
Each one of our combs has hand applied finish and every comb has mirror finished teeth tips. The Bisson team requires 3-5 business days to hand finish your order. you need?


  • Bisson dual tooth no.2 non-directional finish
  • Bisson dual tooth no.2 tight swirls finish
  • Bisson dual tooth no.2 brush finish
  • Bisson dual tooth no.2 mirrow finish