Barbatus Purple Heart Pocket beard comb ($33 Cdn Inc shipping Can & US)


Pocket Wood Comb
This hand made comb is our smallest size comb. The pocket comb was intended for any size beard on the go. Comfortably fits in your pocket with the ability to keep that beard undercontrol from fly aways. Stay looking your best when you are not at home. 
*This comb is wood. Please carry in your front pocket due to possible damage from sitting on.

This beautiful handcrafted exotic comb is made from Purple Heart Wood. This wood is native to Central and South America. This comb is an elegant purple color that will turn to a deep purple as the comb is exposed to oil and light. This wood is extremely dense, making it one of the hardest wood in the world.

Our combs are completely hand made. Each comb is carefully made and then hand sanded to remove all sharp edges and ensure there are no defects in the wood. Thus preventing the wood from cutting or breaking any hair. The Pocket comb measures between 2.75" to 3" wide, approximately 2.25" top to bottom with approximately 1" teeth.
*All combs are hand made. No two combs look alike and will resemble the comb in the picture. Measurements are averages and combs could vary is size.