Mahoney's Beard Brew

Our Story
MBB was formulated to promote a healthy growing surface while encouraging your facial hair to reach its healthiest growing potential. Our superb quality blend was created with all facial hair and skin types in mind and was crafted to make your bearding experience one that never ends with a razor. Our unique scents are blended with all natural essential oils sure to leave a lasting impression on you, your beard and beard admirers alike.

Functions & Ingredients
Mahoney's Beard Brew products and tools are great for beards of all lengths, sizes, ages, hair types and styles. From business casual to professional beardsmen and goatees to full beards, we created these superb quality nourishing blends to enhance your beard grooming experience. We can proudly tell you that Mahoney's Beard Brew will give you the healthy feeling & great smelling beard that you decided to stop shaving for. 
The Brew (Beard Oil) is crafted with a superb quality & all natural seven oil blend carefully formulated for the nourishment and conditioning of the skin and hair while keeping the facial hair tame, gloriously shiny and manageable. The blend is balanced with Hempseed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil & Jojoba Oil.
The Balm (Beard Balm) is crafted with a superb quality & all natural blend carefully formulated for the moisturizing, conditioning, softening and styling of all facial hair of any length or style. The balm is made with Brew (the oil blend), Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and 100% Beeswax.

Our unique scents of our main five products are carefully crafted  with all natural blends of essential oils. However, some of our Ginger Reserve lineup contains high quality skin & hair safe FOs. We made these to make your beard smell as good as it feels.
*** If you experience any irritation or discomfort after application please discontinue use of these products.

How to use:
We suggest using both oil and balm together for best results but feel free to mix & match the scents.
Brew (beard oil)
1. Using the dropper; dispense some brew in your hand and then rub your hands together to get it evenly spread out for application. Some beards go for the direct dropper to beard technique.
2. Begin by rubbing it on your face beneath your beard all while working it outwards with your fingers to the end of your beard. 
3. Brush or comb your beard and apply the brew to lock in the conditioning moisture. 
4. Admire that handsome beast in the mirror and prepare for all of the attention you will get for being a real man with an awesome beard.
Balm (beard balm)
1. After applying the brew and allowing it to soak into your face and beard; scoop some balm from the jar with your fingers and put it in your hand. It's okay if you don't use the brew first but it will improve the nourishment and conditioning of your face and beard.
2. Rub your hands together to melt it down and work it into your beard while shaping it as you apply. 
3. Brush or comb to desired style. 
4. Admire that beast of a beard again and take a few beard updates (selfies) to post on social media so you can show the world your MBB beard. MAKE SURE TO TAG US!
5. Dominate the day!
**Depending on personal preference and the conditions of your environment you may want to apply multiple times throughout the day to keep the beard looking and feeling it's best.